Fiesta Coco Themed Party

What do you do for a 5 year old who is celebrating their birthday in the month of May? Well our mom client decided to host a Cinco de Ella Fiesta Party right in the comforts of their own home.
I must say their house already had the perfect color palate for this theme which made the decor stand out event more.
When you think Fiesta, you thing bright colors, flowers, face painting, music that will make you uncontrollably shake your hips and of course a gold pinata right?! Well this party included all of the above plus a Mexican style cuisine that was sure to leave your taste buds dancing.
We created a day of the dead fireplace mantle to celebrate loved ones who had passed on.
All of the decor was inspired by the Disney Pixar children's movie Coco. Decor can be found at






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